Sakar Debuts New Hello Kitty, NERF, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-Branded Kids' Electronics at UK Toy Fair!

Published on Thursday, 24th January 2013

Sakar International,will offer an extensive line of audio accessories and youth electronics across several brands, like Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & more!

This year, Sakar International, a leading consumer electronics and accessories provider, will off er an extensive line of audio accessories and youth electronics across several brands. With a rich heritage of technology innovation since 1977, Sakar has developed a global presence by consistently focusing on strong design features and developing on-trend, innovative products. Noteworthy items for 2013 include: Batman Speakers, Hello Kitty karaoke machines and a variety of co-branded speakers, docks, headphones and earbuds.

Sakar will be expanding its presence of Hello Kitty products throughout Europe. Featured products include: Hello Kitty-branded karaoke machines, speakers, docks, musical instruments, walkietalkies and digital cameras.

Sakar is also excited to introduce a line of Batman, Superman, DC Comics and Loony-Toons-branded products in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. The line will consist of computer, audio and unique youth electronics. In addition, Sakar will expand its existing line of electronics and accessories under the Batman brand from digital cameras to walkie-talkies and earbuds.

This spring, Sakar will launch a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles electronics and accessories across the UK and European markets. The line will feature earbuds in the shape of your favorite half-shell-heroes’ faces, along with turtle-branded iPad and tablet cases, cameras, headphones and alarm clocks with iPhone/iPod docks. The product line is in collaboration with Nickelodeon’s resurgence of the popular ‘90’s TV series and is sure to be a hit with children, adults and collectors!