Vivitar AquaShot Digital Camera



Head under the sea and capture out of this world photography with the Vivitar Waterproof Digital Camera. With a wearable neck strap, keep the value of great photos and videos right by your side and you set out there and explore the world around you. The USB cable included within the package allows for quick and easy upload of all your memories to your computer or any other USB-enabled device. Upload pictures and videos to your favorite social media accounts including YouTube channels and Facebook profiles to share the fun of your next getaway with family and friends. The included Vivitar Experience software takes your camera to a whole new level of creativity when it lets you completely customize all your footage and design dozens of projects including frames, calendars, collages, and more! Able to shoot video clips, the camera also boasts an expansive memory with the capability of taking over 100 digital photos so you never have to miss out on snapping a picture-perfect moment. Making this camera stand out from the rest is its waterproof casing making is completely water-resistant in up to 10ft. of water so you can swim with the fishes and explore a world below sea level.