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Sharper Image 7-in-1 Resistance Kit

Health& Wellness


The Sharper Image 7-in-1 Resistance Kit is your way towards having more tone and muscle all throughout your body, This kit comes with all you need to increase your resistance on a variety of intensity levels including a full body stretch cord, an upper body stretch cord, hand grips, a weight jump rope and push up bars. The push up bars work great at strengthen your arm and pectoral muscles as well as tone in your shoulder. If you need assistance with better posture, the push up bars work to help you with your body alignment making you walk and sit taller and more poised. The weight jump rope is great for adding a bit of cardio in your workout with the capability of being adjustable to reach different heights and featuring a 1/4 pound weight on each handle for added resistance. The hand grips work towards increasing the power in your wrists, hands and forearms and come with cushioned grips for easy handling. To get the most out of your total body resistance training, the to included stretch cord help to isolate specific areas of the body including upper body and lower areas. All in all, this kit gives you everything you need to add a bit more challenge to your workout to get more effective results.