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Sharper Image 6-in-1 Fitness Kit

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The Sharper Image 6-in-1 Fitness Kit helps you work your way towards achieving your lifelong fitness goals and getting in tip top shape. This kit comes with all you need to accomplish a more active lifestyle on a variety of intensity levels including a sweatband kit, adjustable speed jump rope, two jogging weights, workout gloves, and a slimming belt. The slimming belt provides a secure closure around your back, keeping your muscles controlled and your spine aligned when bending to lift heavier weights. The neoprene material of the slimming belt also provides superior comfort without any back strain. Keep your hands protected with the workout gloves, providing additional cushion to your palms while lifting bars and also resulting in better grip and control for more high intensity workouts. The jogging weights come in a pair of 1 pound each, adding a bit of resistance while you take a light jog around the block, focusing especially on improving your strength and stamina. Also improving your endurance is the included adjustable speed jump rope with smooth bearings for easy rotation and adjustable to fit any jumper's heights. Lastly, the sweatband kit is unique at ensuring your face and hands stay dry while working out and fit most sizes. Overall the Sharper Image Fitness Kit gives you everything you need to stay active anywhere that life takes you!