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Sharper Image 5-in-1 Body Therapy Kit

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The Sharper Image 5-in-1 Muscle Relaxing Therapy Kit helps you relieve tension in your muscles so you can continue working your way towards your fitness goals. This kit comes with all you need to accomplish less tension and soreness in your muscles after a rigorous workouts including a self-myofascial foam roller, trigger point release balls, 4-point tension releaser, tension release roller, and a gel pack. Made for hot or cold therapy, the gel pack works perfectly at relieving any aches or pain you may experience after a tough fitness routine. Microwave and freezer safe, you can apply hot or cold pressure to any muscle. The tension release roller works magic at rolling away tight muscles and is completely portable making it great for traveling. The 4-point tension release roller works smoothly and gently at gliding over muscles, providing you with a relaxing massage using minimum pressure. The trigger point release balls focus specifically to improving your circulation and flexibility, giving extra attention to particular muscle areas that experience the most stiffness and tightness. Helping to release trigger points, the self-myofascial foam roller retains its shape even after the toughest of workouts and also increases your range of motion and flexibility. By using this kit, you will be ready to take on your next high-intensity workout, making you one step closer to your fitness goal!