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Sharper Image 5-in-1 Core Strength Kit

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The Sharper Image 5-in-1 Core Strength Fitness Kit helps you work your way towards achieving your lifelong fitness goals and getting in tip top shape. This kit comes with all you need to accomplish a more active lifestyle on a variety of intensity levels including a 65cm fitness ball, ab wheel and long and short flex bands. The 48" long flex band and 24" short flex band work to strength and contour muscles, adding a sense of resistance to the lower and upper body extremities, toughening your workout to get more effective results. Working solely on strengthening your abdominal muscles, the ab wheel also target surrounding areas like the shoulders, arms, and back, The wheel features a non-skid feature so you won't slide while using it and comfortable grip handles for easy handling. The 65cm fitness ball greatly helps to improve your balance and stability. Made with a burst-resistant construction, this ball also comes with a pump and tips to inflate when necessary. Overall, strengthening your core is vital to a successful workout and this kit provides you with everything you need to get it done right!