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Sharper Image 5-in-1 Yoga Kit

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The Sharper Image 5-in-1 Yoga Fitness Kit lets you discover your inner peace while also enhancing your yoga and Pilates skills. This kit comes with all you need to accomplish a more active lifestyle on a variety of intensity levels including yoga socks and gloves, yoga blacks and a 5mm yoga mat. With a slip-resistant surface to avoid any falls during your routine, this mat is durable and lightweight making it perfectly easy to roll up and take with you while on the go. Great for any floor exercise, this mat has 5mm thickness providing you with maximized comfort while you stretch. The 2 yoga blocks increase your strength and pose depth while also ensuring your body is properly aligned, easing tension in your muscles and making you feel completely relaxed. The foam that these blocks are comprised of are high density and retain form even after the toughest of workouts. Featuring non-slip grips to adhere to any type of surface, the yoga socks and gloves are made out of fabric that keeps your hands and feet cool and dry. The toeless-design of the socks accommodate any foot size while the gloves increase your balance and stability. Overall, the Sharper Image Yoga Fitness Kit has everything you need to relax and work your way towards a healthier lifestyle!