Vivitar Small Promotional Digital Camera Pouch



Small and compact, the Vivitar Universal Protective Case is everything you need in a go-to pouch to safely secure all your important belongings while on the go. The included hand strap makes it easy to carry your pouch and keep it at your side at all times. Need an extra battery or memory card? Take all your essentials with you so you are prepared for anything with this case's additional pockets that have sufficient room to store a variety of items. The case is made entirely out of high quality neoprene that won't get damaged even in the harshest of conditions and provides extra cushion to your items in the case of a trip or fall. Not only does this case hold digital cameras but it boasts a universal use, able to safely store mp3 players, cell phones, and other portable electronic devices so you are always ready to embark on your next fun-filled journey!