Vivitar 60/120x Promotional Telescope



The Vivitar Telescope with Tripod is a unique way to see a world beyond your daily surroundings and perhaps explore something new! The multiple magnification options let you zoom in at a variety of levels including 60x and 120x so you never miss out on a detail! Need a quick way to find something within the distance? This telescope features a unique 3x finder scope that helps you locate objects faster and with ease. The telescope doesn't come alone with its full size adjustable tripod made to fit any aspiring scientist's height. The lightweight and durable aluminum barrel construction of the tripod proves its quick and easy assembly making it perfect to set up for gazing at the stars, viewing the skyscrapers in your city, or catching the next major league baseball game! With a hard shell carrying case included, this telescope comes with everything you need to expand your horizons and enjoy the world around you.