Vivitar 168x/525x Telescope w/Full Size Tripod



See a world beyond what you've always known with the Vivitar 168x/525x Telescope. Coming complete with a 3x barlow lens for the perfect singular subject concentration, the telescope also has a wide range of magnification options to choose from like 56x, 168x, 175x, and 525x. With a 1.5x erecting eyepiece, viewers get a comfortable gaze at stars, cityscapes, wildlife in the distance, or that game changing moment and the next big sporting event in town. The unique slow motion control on this telescope freezes time and lets you focus in on a subject in extreme details, resulting in precise adjustments for the most ideal view. The telescope comes with an adjustable full-size tripod to fit any gazer's height and with a quick screw-type assembly, this telescope is easy to set up and take down and store with you as you make your many travels.