Flash with Zoom Thyristor



The built-in variable power of the Vivitar 285HV auto professional flash provides you with fill flash and the ability to shoot properly exposed rapid-sequence pictures. This vertical bounce flash gives your photographs soft, professional lighting. The four f-stops give you control over the flash distance range and the depth of field, while the auto Thyristor circuitry allows for a faster recycling time as well as more flashes per set of batteries. This smart flash has a sufficient light indicator that allows you to make the most of your photos. Includes a variable power control with optional VP-1 remote sensor capability .

Technical Specs

  • Guide number: 36 DIN
  • Zoom flash head
  • Auto bounce control
  • Thyristor battery saving circuit
  • 4 auto f / stops
  • Built-in vari-power control
  • Sufficient light indicator
  • Lighted calculator dial
  • Complete accessory system available